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Private Lessons

All Canskate programs have group lessons taught by professional coaches certified through the NCCP. Canskaters who are interested in more personalized attention may be interested in hiring a private coach. Private or semi-private lessons are available and usually take place during the skater’s regular skating session. Every skater participating at the STARSKATE INTERMEDIATE level and above
must have their own private coach.

Selecting a Private Coach
It is up to the skater and the parents to contact a coach directly to inquire about private lessons. A list of club coaches and contact information is available in our club room. When selecting a private coach, skating families should consider the following:
● Arrangements for private and semi-private lessons are made directly between the skater’s family and the professional coach. Skaters receive invoices for private lessons directly from their coach and fees are payable directly to the private coach.
● Availability – does the coach have time during the day and session you require
● What are the skater’s objectives and how many lessons per week are needed to achieve these goals
● Coaching rates – how much does the coach charge per lesson, per competition and for music
● Does the coach’s philosophy match that of the skater? Coaches have different strategies with respect to competitions, tests, etc.
● Personality of the skater – keeping in mind that the coach and skater typically form a long lasting relationship.
● To avoid disappointment, it is recommended that you book private lessons well in advance and always confirm if you are returning for another season.

● Skate Canada guidelines dictate that once a skater has contracted a Professional Coach for lessons, that coach then assumes the role of “Base Coach”.
o A skater’s “Base Coach” is the professional coach that makes all skating related decisions in conjunction with the skater’s family. All communication is addressed between the skater’s family
and the base coach.
o The “Base Coach” is obligated to inform the skater’s family of all other coaches they wish to involve and what role they might play in the development of the skater.

● All private lessons are contracted between the skater and the professional coach. TFSC board of Directors DO NOT intervene in personal coaching matters.
o You are the employer and the Professional Coach is your employee. The relationship between the two is governed by normal employer/employee guidelines.

● If at some point in your skater’s career you wish to change your base coach the following procedure must be adhered to:
- You inform your Base Coach of your termination of your contract. DO NOT hire a new coach until you have advised the existing coach that you are planning on making a change. If the base
coach is unaware of the coaching change, the new coach can be accused of soliciting.
- You pay the total balance of private lessons owed to your present base coach
- You advertise/inquire about a new coach for your skater
- Before you form a contract with a new “Base Coach” the Professional coach will inquire from the old “Base Coach” if all bills have been paid in full.

If you are interested in private instruction for your child in addition to group lessons, the following points maybe helpful.
● It is not recommended to routinely arrange for private lessons during group instructions as you are paying twice for instruction.
● The frequency and cost of lessons should be arranged between the parent and the coach, this is NOT the responsibility of the Club.
● It is recommended that STARSKATE JUNIOR, INTERMEDIATE and SENIOR skaters have a private coach.

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